Fahrenheit 451 Unit – 3.5 Weeks – Printable PDFs & Google Slides




This complete 3.5-week unit plan and literature guide has everything needed to teach Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. My best resources for Fahrenheit 451 are bundled together and connected with lesson plans and engaging activities for the entire novel. Includes a one-pager final project, student-led discussions, blackout poetry, and so much more. This unit is both engaging and challenging for students in a well-organized and easy to use format!

Includes print versions and links to student versions in Google Slides for in-class, distance learning, and Google Classroom.

This Fahrenheit 451 Unit Plan includes the following:

⭐ 17 Detailed Lesson Plans & a Unit Calendar

⭐ 8 Bundled Resources

⭐ Common Core Standards

⭐ Engaging Activities

⭐ Guided Discussions

⭐ For use in Paper and Online Classrooms

⭐ Includes introduction activity, bell ringers, first amendment discussion, blackout poetry, guided discussions, a one-pager final project, and more!

Complete your unit with a Dystopian movie and my 1-Week Comparison and Contrast Essay!

Top Love and Let Lit Resources:

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Fahrenheit 451 Unit – 3.5 Weeks – Printable PDFs & Google Slides