Socratic Seminar Unit – 2 Weeks – Printable PDFs & Google Slides




Students learn discussion skills and gain confidence with the Socratic Method! This two-week complete Socratic Seminar Discussion Unit includes lesson plans, assessment, texts, questions, and evaluations – everything you need to teach communication skills and implement student-led Socratic seminars! Students learn to think metacognitively about their communication skills, set communication goals, hold multiple student-led Socratic seminars, set goals for growth, and reflect upon their learning.

This unit includes Google links for online, remote and distance learning. Perfect for Google Classroom. For remote teaching, video conferencing or online discussion forums will be necessary.


⭐ 10 Detailed Lesson Plans & a Unit Calendar

⭐ Teaches students the keys to communication with the acronym PHOGA

⭐ Reinforces learning with a TED Talk on communication

⭐ One teacher-led discussion

⭐ Four student-led Socratic Seminars

⭐ Students learn how to ask higher-level questions and how to evaluate their own communication skills

⭐ Links to Student Versions in Google Drive

⭐ Student-Led Socratic Seminar Topics Include: Machiavelli’s The Prince, Odysseus’s refusal of Kalypso’s offer of immortality, Chimamanda Adichie’s TED Talk on stereotypes, and The Pledge of Allegiance and its history. As a bonus, text and questions from Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography and Aesop’s Fable The Dog and the Wolf are included for teachers who want to switch out a text or extend the unit.

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Socratic Seminar Unit – 2 Weeks – Printable PDFs & Google Slides